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My Crown gives me Confidence

Hey Queen,

Do you know how powerful you are when you're rocking your crown? Let me spill the good tea! When I'm rocking my heavenly headwraps, I feel so empowered and confident. It gives me an extra zap of "confidence" & "feel good". Something like that "dopamine" release.

Ummm! Could it be a combination of the symbolism, African roots and culture behind headwrapping? and the spirituality of my Queendom that is activated as I'm rocking my Crown? This very well could be the answer. You be feeling it to Queen? If not, I'm inviting you to the "Queen Experience".?

Listen to me sistren, when I wear my crowns, it gives me definition (style), identity and place value.

It reminds me that :

I AM a Queen, and how valuable I am.

I AM that "Queen B"

I AM all that and a bag of chips! Periodt!

I AM blessed & highly favored!

Friendly reminder sista... you look so amazing wrapped all in that glory.

-Queens Wear Crowns-

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