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about us!


What's the story behind heavenly headwraps?



After giving birth to my amazing son. I suffered a lot of hair loss, breakage, and depletion, post partum. In 2010 I did the “Big Chop". I cut all my relaxed hair hair off & began my natural hair journey.


At this point, A sista desperately needed a new way to rock her natural hair, while protecting it, increase healthy growth & look fly all at the same time. So, it was in my small Brooklyn apartment, where I began experimenting with Head wrapping. I used various fabrics and exotic African prints, then accessorizing them with complementing earrings.


I fell in love with this newfound glory,(cultural aesthetics) and the remarkable results of my hair growth while wearing protective headwrap styles. Not to mention the numerous compliments I received from wearing my crowns. 


In 2017 I took my distinctive fashion styles of headwrapping, coupled with my extensive background of fashion & designing, & my passion for sewing, and turned it into a business. I wanted my Queens to experience , healthy hair growth, the new confidence and glory I developed wearing my heavenly headwraps. 


Today Heavenly Headwraps offers a selection of stylish headwraps, headbands, turbans, & bonnets some made with African “Anakara” fabrics, others with exotic colors and prints. We also offer several “diy” fashionable styling techniques. 


Our custom handmade pieces caters to who suffers with alopecia, cancer, or other hair loss conditions.

Our Satin lined  headwraps & night bonnets also help hair from extreme hair breakage. We offer online purchase as well as made to order service. This exclusive option allows my clients a personalized purchase experience.

Wearing our protective hair accessories are essential for individuals with natural textured hair. Our handmade pieces are perfect for protective, hassle-free hair styling for all hair types, and clients who suffers from hair loss. Head wrapping helps with healthy hair care maintenance. It protects your hair from being exposed to harsh weather, which causes dry hair and spit ends.


We also offer 1on1 virtual sessions /consultations for individuals who would like to learn how to rock their crowns, personalized wardrobe styling & healthy hair tips.

Heavenly Headwraps is not just a name or brand, our goal is to increase healthy hair growth with our crowns. We also want our clients to experience a new level of confidence wearing our headwraps. Along with helping them to walk in beauty & self-love. This is a dope way of self-expression.

.But not a hair of your head will perish.

-Luke 21:18-

“Queens wear Crowns”

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