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Beauty Tips-How to Teach Queens to Style/Accessorize Head Wraps and Turbans

Women have been using head wraps and turbans in fashion for centuries and throughout many different cultures. Their timeless and chic look makes it something that should be part of every woman’s style. From African and Indian cultures to Old Hollywood starlets to everyday modern women living their best lives - headwraps and turbans are a must-have.

Whether you’re new to wearing head wraps and turbans and don’t know where to begin, or if you’ve been wearing them for years, but still need some fresh and easy ideas on how to wear them - you’ve come to the right place! What’s so great is that they don’t require any hair ties or hair pins, but if you want to use them that is up to you.

Three Ways to Wear a Head Wrap or Turban

● The Twisted Bun

○ Start off by wrapping your head with your wrap and take the extra fabric and dividing it into two pieces - one in your left hand and one in your right hand. Make sure the extra fabric gathers towards your face and not towards your neck. (Because you want the bun to be placed towards the top of your head towards your face.)

○ Make sure that the lengths of both pieces are even.

○ Then, twist them together all the way to the end so they create one long piece. It will look kind of like a braid, but instead it will be twisted together.

○ After that, start twisting it into a bun on top of your head.

○ Tuck the end of the piece under the bun where it’s tight and secure.

● The Knot

○ As you wrap your head, fold the top of the wrap under by a few inches to create a thicker layer towards the front of your head.

○ Separate into two pieces and then tie in a knot at the base of your head/neck.

○ Grab one side and wrap your head towards the opposite side.

○ Grab the other side and wrap towards the opposite side.

○ Now twist the two pieces like they’re switching places. This will create a knot in the middle. Now the two pieces will be on different sides than they were before.

○ Pull both pieces towards the back of the head/neck and tuck in to secure.

● The Classic Wrap

○ Place wrap over your head and divide into two sections.

○ Tie the sections together at the base of your head/neck in a knot.

○ Grab one piece and wrap it over your head towards the opposite side of your head and let it hang for a moment.

○ Grab the other piece and wrap it over your head towards the opposite side.

○ Now pull the end pieces towards the base of the head/neck and tuck them in to secure.

Now that you have mastered the headwrap/turban, all you need to add is a great pair of hoop or studded earrings and your look will be complete. Go ahead and wear that headwrap like a crown, queen!

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